Friday, April 18, 2008

San Francisco, "Land of fruits and nuts"

I wonder when was the last time people bashed a city renowned as a conservative/Republican stronghold, one GOP presidential candidate gleefully joined in on the mugging, and not one Republican stuck up for them?

Imagine what would happen if John McCain was in Montgomery or Provo and said something arguably disparaging about liberals or seculars! Would anyone implicate the town he was in as somehow partly responsible for the slight? For that matter, would anyone come to the defense of liberals or seculars?

Not only does the very mention of San Francisco impugn a candidate's non-liberal credibility, but there's apparently nothing you can say about this city of several million people that is considered beyond the pale, as when Bill O'Reilly said he thinks we should let terrorists attack it. Yet the only person in the media I've ever seen defend Frisco is Markos. And he's a blogger, not a pundit in the traditional media.

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