Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Indiana Dems: like Republican wannabes

Yesterday Democratic gubernatorial candidates Jill Long Thompson and Jim Schellinger debated in Fort Wayne. One of them is a gajillionaire who wants to run the government like a business and the other one boasts that she's never ever raised a single tax, which is going to be extremely helpful in a period when schools are overcrowded, all the roads are covered with potholes, and the same candidate wants to extend broadband lines to rural communities.

What I've really been looking for in a governor is someone who's either going to a) punt on all the truly difficult decision-making and leave it to someone else to cover the budget, or b) someone who will approach every difficult decision thinking to himself, "Hmm, what would someone who does a job with completely different objectives than mine do?"

The problem with Indiana Democrats is they honestly believe everyone's a Republican, so they just run as more sensible (or, in some cases, less sensible) Republicans, trying to slip the occasional logical position into a plan that's otherwise designed to out-Republican the Republicans.

"Yeah, I might be the guy who's against selling off all the state's property to foreign investors, but I'll run the government as a for-profit entity that operates purely out of self-interest! Out-capitalism that, bitchez!"

"Sure, I believe that the government should create some kind of, ya know, infrastructure, but don't worry, I'll make sure it does so without spending money!"

"Yes, admittedly, I'm not sure all liberals should be put to death, but I've built an entire church out of guns!"

I'm not sanguine about this gubernatorial election.

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