Tuesday, April 29, 2008

is it federalism, or corporatism?

I read a lot of stuff on politics. A lot of stuff on politics. So much goes on, though, that I regularly forget stuff that happened and rediscover it later, or find that I missed something entirely.

Well, I learned something today in the context of the Crazy Train trying to burnish his "populist helper of the poor" cred against former community organizer and civil rights attorney Barack Obama. I never knew that John McCain voted to abolish the federal minimum wage.


grimsaburger said...

In times like these, I have to wonder, do McCain, et al really believe that if the federal wage was abolished, some states wouldn't either refuse to raise their wage again or might actually lower it?
And if McCain, et al want to do away with employer-based group insurance in favor of individual policies; do they really believe that in such event, insurance companies wouldn't refuse coverage, reduce coverage, and raise premiums?
Sort of begs the age-old question: "Evil, or just stupid?"

Zee said...

Grims, I've struggled with that question for the last 7 1/2 years with G-Dub in power. And while the answer could go either way with our current "President,", I think with Crazy Train it is perfectly, eerily clear: Evil.

el ranchero said...

I think it's the same with W and McCain: evil. They know that businesses will make cuts wherever they can to increase profits, but they just don't care. We saw this with the battle over raising the minimum wage last year, where Republicans started showing their true colors and arguing that only teenagers and "losers" make minimum wage, the implication being that if someone fails to "win" in the rat race, well, fuck 'em.