Tuesday, August 22, 2006

trouble in Lieberland

Wow, wasn't expecting this. Only a week or two after polls showing Lieberman with as much as an 11-point lead, we have this from Rasmussen (c/o MyDD, MoE 4):
Lieberman: 45 (46)
Lamont: 43 (41)
Schlesinger: 6 (6)

and this from American Research Group (MoE 3.5):
Lieberman: 44
Lamont: 42
Schlesinger: 3
Undecided: 11

Also, Lamont appears poised to scoop up the UAW endorsement (apparently a big deal). I gotta admit, I wasn't giving Lamont the greatest odds in a general election opposite Joementum, but now I'm starting to wonder. What seems most apparent in all the poll madness is that Lieberman's support among Democrats is dead, dead, dead, which is almost certainly what's given Lamont this boost.

Of course, to seal the deal Lamont has to swing the independents and/or get the Republicans to stay home. Can he do it?

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