Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lamont wins the CN-Sen primary

So I'm sure you've all heard that Lieberman has lost his bid to be the Democratic nominee for the Senate in 2006. Great for Lamont, and for the populist uprising in the Democratic party.

Incumbents do not get a free pass. You have to earn your seat every single cycle, or we [the voters] will boot you out for someone who will.

I'm sure you've all also heard that Lieberman, not content to abide by the results of the primary, is going to file for a do-over in November. Apparently Connecticut Democrats are not smart enough to decide who's going to represent them.

Unfortunately, though Lieberman will suffer politically for this defeat, he still has a number of endorsements from popular Democrats to boast in his now-Independent run. I'll like to take this moment to send out an official "fuck you" to Bubba Clinton, Barbara Boxer, Joe "the Man Who Will Never Be President" Biden, and all the other jerkoff DC politicians who have now officially undermined the Democratic nominee in Connecticut. Sure, most of you said that, in the end, you'll support the nominee, but you've already endorsed Lieberman over Lamont. What are you gonna do now, say you were just kidding and that actually Lamont is the right guy?

And an even bigger "fuck you" to Chuck Schumer, who said he'll support Lieberman even as an independent. Guess what, Chucky? You're the head of the DSCC. It's your fucking job to support the Democratic Senatorial nominee Period.

In all honesty, I don't like the idea of Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton campaigning against Lieberman, either. However, Lamont has said from the beginning that he would support the winner of the primary, so it's not like anyone would be using their pro-Lamont statements against Joe in the general. Nor does the Republican have a chance in Hell against either Democrat. So at least they're not actually sabotaging the Democratic nominee's chances of winning the seat.

What was these people's rationale for interfering in the race? Do they not realize that their statements can be used against the nominee if their candidate doesn't win?

Kos is right: the first thing Harry Reid should do now is strip Lieberman of his committee assignments. He's not a Democrat anymore (arguably he hasn't been acting like one for years), and it's the duty of Reid et al. to do everything they can to elect Democrats. And that means stripping Lieberman of his "but I can pull a lotta strings for Connecticut" meme.

Update: Schumer now says he will support Lamont. Good, that demotes his salute to the regular variety.

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