Friday, August 11, 2006

a competitive Republican entering the CN-Senate race?

From TPM Cafe:
If a genuinely credible GOP candidate enters the Connecticut Senate race, that could spell doom for Joe Lieberman, who needs some GOP votes if he's going to beat Democratic nominee Ned Lamont.

Well, it looks as if such a GOP candidate might in fact jump into the game: Jack Orchulli. A well-connected multi millionaire who ran statewide and lost against Senator Chris Dodd in 2004, Orchulli has just told The Politicker blog that he's been approached by state Republicans about replacing the current candidate, Alan Schlesinger, who has little hope of getting into the double digits. Orchulli says he'd "make himself available" to do the race.

Nope, sorry. This is far worse news than that.

Republicans ain't gonna turn out for Lieberman when there's an actual, competitive Republican in the race. And it ain't the Republicans whose vote is split by Lieberman: they're going to vote for Lieberman in the absence of an actual, competitive Republican.

This may be bad news for Joe, but it's just as bad, if not worse, for Lamont, and makes this a potential Republican pick-up opportunity. That's right, people, now Joe in his selfish, desperate clinging to his campaign, may actually hand his seat to the Republicans.

Which would all but guarantee the GOP keeping the Senate.

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