Friday, December 16, 2005

The White House gets Blitzed

Check this out. It's a rare blog scoop: a memo from the presidents of the major networks that fell out of Wolf Blitzer's pocket and recovered by a reporter.

The shorter version: W, you lied to us about the dems having the same info, it makes us look bad, screw you.

Ya think they'll back that up?


TioChuy said...

Is this a memo that was actually found or is this what some one hopes would happen?

El Ranchero said...

They talk about it like this was an actual occurrence, unless I'm misunderstanding it.

jenny said...

Holy shit! That is a huge threat coming from the media! Can you imagine a station turning down a speech from the president? To a certain extent, they air those out of the kindness of their hearts (no ad revenue, programming problems that arise from it). I know, I know, it lends them credibility as news organizations, but as the memo points out, if you're giving out false information that argument flies out the window!