Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas blogging

Sorry I haven't been doing my requisite complaining over here in our little corner of the blogosphere. Amber and I went off to see her parents in Michigan over Christmas. I have to say, I made off like a bandit, but one of my best gifts was... a webcam! Sweet!

Now I can spray endless chunky malodorous streams of jpeg from my little Indiana lagoon all over the fallow fields and murky streams of the Ranch!

Behold the fertilization of the blogosphere!


Guin said...

Nice can't wait to SEE you make us inferior beings smarter by our insite.Hehe..

jenny said...

Just promise you won't start making your own porn.

Andrealg said...

OH MY GOSH! YOUR HAIR IS GONEEEE!!!! I Liked your long hair. That makes me sad:( Not that you look bad with short hair, I just liked your long hair:(:(:( Next time you have to get my permission first mister!!!!

El Ranchero said...

Yeah, sorry 'bout that 'Drea. Next time I'll make sure to clear that decision with you!