Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Prairie Chapel Ranch

Came across this article where the Free Press reporter listens to Jim Hightower (former Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, currently writer/pundit) talk about the formation of W's cowboy persona. I've complained before about W's overdone accent (honestly, who pronounces our country "Merrka"?) and overuse of cowboy metaphors, considering he's a Connecticut yankee who went to Yale, but this is just priceless.

Just how old is Prairie Chapel Ranch, W's Crawford haven? Well, folks, it dates all the way back to... 1999. Apparently, Karl Rove decided that the best way for W to win the presidential election was for him to build up a cowboy image, which meant he needed a ranch. It has no horses (W doesn't ride horses, and rumor has it he's afraid of them), and the cattle aren't his. The old-timey ranch house was built in 2000, and was finished around election time.

And the best part? According to Hightower, "But the real irony is that the ranchette is a former pig farm, which is quite fitting.”

What a phony.


TioChuy said...

The ministration goes to Crawford to discuss important issues that are facing merrica. I like to go there and cut things with my saw, cause its hard work. There is a very important saying here in Texas, it goes He who transplanted still sustains.

TioChuy said...