Sunday, November 13, 2005

Welcome to Chokesville (pop. 8)

Wow, what the hell happened? Tech loses to a team that had yet to win a game in the Big 12? What went wrong? Here they are, back to doing what they do best: choke. Suddenly this puts a huge question mark over that Oklahoma game next week.

At least 7 other ranked teams joined Tech in getting upset this week. Unfortunately, one of those was 'Bama (though everyone knew it would be tough going against LSU), but there was also Georgia and Florida. Oh well, at least Texas and ND pulled through.

Speaking of, I finally got to go to my first ND game yesterday against Navy. In fact, I think it was my first football game in some 15 years. I didn't know any of the cheers, but it was very cool nonetheless. Nothing beats a chance for some loud public swearing!


TioChuy said...

So my phone died. But anyway, I'm not sure what to think anymore. After some thinking about their past play this year it's not all that surprising. The schedule this year was much different than last. The Big 12 north tanked this season. A&M is nothing like it was. Texas hasn't changed if anything they got better. OSU well I don't know what happened there unless it truly was all mental coming off the big win against A&M. Oklahoma remains to be seen, but if they play the first half like they have done in almost every game this year it won't be pretty. BCS is out the window and I dare say so is the Cotton Bowl, hello Houston Bowl (yeah it exists we played Navy in it 2 years ago)

El Ranchero said...

Yeah, they could still end up in a decent bowl if they pull it out against OK. After all, they had 3 losses last year and got to play Cal. It is unfortunate that the opportunity for a BCS was blown, though. That would have really been something.