Monday, November 07, 2005


So is it ok for Senator Durbin to compare the treatment of enemy combatants to Soviet gulags if we're using, ya know, Soviet gulags?


TioChuy said...

We had an interesting discussion about this in my War and Security class today. The use of rendition and keeping prisoners of our own in other countries. It's a nasty business, I think congress has pretty much decided to give all power related to war to Bush and the ministration and let them choke on it. It's sad because the people that voted these weaklings into office gave him a bunch of pawns that capitulate before having traitor assigned to their name.
Another thing, why is it that McCain seems to be the only Republican left with the sense God gave a donkey?

El Ranchero said...

McCain's not exactly perfect, either: within the last couple of weeks he's endorsed Intelligent Design and an anti-gay amendment in Arizona, and is rubbing elbows with Jerry Falwell. The McCain anti-torture amendment is starting to look more like political cover than anything else.