Wednesday, November 02, 2005

High School Walkouts

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Thousands of high school students across the country walked out of class in protest over the Bush Administration. This link is keeping track of all the news reports nationwide.

Kids these days... being all politically aware and stuff!


eric said...

in high school i would've walked out for any reason

Doke said...

think we did walk out for no reason at times.

hell i even seen derek once or twice?!? to practise with
dedwait.. (dont really remember how we spell it)

TioChuy said...

walk out hell Derek just called himself in.

Doke said...

LOL!! Yeah, I think I remember a time that me, Neil, Derek, and nick called in for one another..

Damn kids and their crotches!

El Ranchero said...

yeah, it was awesome being 18 and a senior.

We, however, did it for no reason: these kids (obviously not all, but certainly some, and it had to be those with the ganas to start it) did it for conscientious reasons.