Friday, May 21, 2010


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Word. Rachel Maddow is unquestionably the finest interviewer on cable TV, and quite possibly on TV in general. Here she is above politely yet mercilessly exposing Rand Paul's nutty side, potentially opening up the KY Senate race in the process. She's done some great work in terms of straight journalism as well.

This is interesting, I think, because it illustrates how her skills far outstrip her job, and yet she's likely to be passed over for numerous promotions because she's a avowed liberal feminist, and therefore not as "serious" as others. MSNBC may be claiming a liberal news format (curious considering their longest show is headed by a conservative, former Republican congressman), but frankly FOX News is the only place in news television where you can get ahead without playing a faux centrist lickspittle.

And of course Coates is right, Palin knows better than to go within 200 feet of The Rachel Maddow Show, but Palin doesn't do any non-sympathetic interviews anymore. Still, what I wouldn't give for five minutes of Sarah Palin on Maddow!

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