Monday, May 17, 2010

gettin' to be that time

Grilling season again! Finally. I've got a couple of things in particular that I want to try out this summer:

Atomic Buffalo Turds

*slides coke-bottle glasses up nose* As my anthropologist friend corrected me, properly speaking these would actually be Atomic Bison Turds. Glavin.

Anywho, I experimented with these once in the winter out of the oven, sans li'l smokies. My theory that they would still be delicious was correct. I also made a batch of ABT's sans bacon, as in vegetarian. My theory that they would still be tasty was also correct. Jalapenos take on such a rich, wonderful flavor when cooked. I can only imagine what these will be like exposed to smoke.

We're planting jalapenos again this year, so hopefully there will be plenty of opportunities to experiment with different recipes.

Speaking of bison...

Bison Steak

I made grassfed steak a couple of summers ago, which is similar, and was awesome. My connect disappeared from the Elkhart Farmers' Market, unfortunately, but the bison folks are still there, so I'm going to give this a shot. I've had bison brats already, and I was impressed, so I'm optimistic.

Brisket, Texas style

This is something I've been building up to for a long time. After careful consideration, I've decided that, the first time at least, I should let the oven do much of the work. I still plan to start and finish the brisket on the grill, though. I'm not a heretic.

If all goes well, brisket + tortilla + BBQ sauce, salsa, and/or pico de gallo = 2 minutes of carnivore euphoria.

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The cat is right. Please start up cheezburger machine.