Wednesday, March 31, 2010

suburban, gated ghettos

What is striking to me about this new phenomenon is that it isn't new at all. My urban neighborhood is filled with gorgeous Victorian, Craftsman, American Foursquare, and Queen Anne homes that white people willingly abandoned in the mid-20th century for saltboxes and ranch houses a couple of miles down the road.

Peoples is strange.

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Bob G. said...


This hits SO close to home (no pun intended), although the price for our houses in Fort Wayne are significantly LOWER (and getting stilllower by the day, it seems).

Wifey and I moved into our Cape Cod (bought it freom her parents on contract for $40K) 12 years ago, and it's nice little place.

Never had a "stand-alone" house before - only rowhomes in Philly.

Trouble is, whatever GOOD neighbors we had moved out and the renters took over.
Used to be everyone seemd to OWN a house here (and at under $80K, they were REALLY nice places.)

Sadly, with renters comes crime, and now we're hip-deep in this muck, and the city doesn't want to do anything (in the name of diversity) to "rock the boat" down here.

I can easily see my area of Ft. Wayne becoming a "mini-Detroit"...real fast.

ANd we don't wnant to go into hock just to get out.
I'm 57 as it is.

I say chase the RABBLE out instead...then get some veterans or some people who CAN pay for these places to move back in.

That's how REAL progress is made.

Trouble is, the city LIKES wearing blinders and ear plugs.

What to do indeed.
Damn good post and link to that article!