Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Utah AG investigating BCS for anti-trust violations

He has a point. Utah didn't just go undefeated; they defeated 4 top 25 teams and smoked an Alabama squad that spent most of the season at no.1 (beat them harder than Florida did, by the way). They really are playing at a speed equal to that of the championship contenders. Utah was also in a BCS game 4 years ago, and they won that game, too. There is literally nothing they could have done to get into the Mythical National Championship Game.

They were, for all practical purposes, ineligible, just like TCU, Boise St., and several dozen other teams because they don't belong to a BCS conference.

In my opinion, this should bring up some uncomfortable questions among the non-BCS conferences about just how welcome they are in NCAA Bowl Subdivision football. How much sense does it make to play in a league in which you're permanently barred from the championship, no matter how strong your team is?

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