Friday, January 30, 2009

25 random things about the Super Bowl

King Kaufman in fine Facebook form. My favorite ones:
14. Tomlin, not Whisenhunt, got the Steelers job because he blew the brass away at his interview. He may have gotten that interview in part because of an NFL rule requiring teams to talk to at least one minority candidate for any head coaching job. That's the rule the Detroit Lions flouted when they hired Steve Mariucci in 2003. It's known as the Rooney Rule, after the Steelers owner, Dan Rooney, who headed the committee that introduced it.

15. It would be overly simplistic, maybe even downright juvenile, to say, "See for yourself how following or not following the Rooney Rule has worked out for the Lions and Steelers." But see for yourself.

Rooney's vocal endorsement of Barack Obama also may have a key factor in John McCain failing to make up enough ground in western PA to offset Barack's crushing majorities in the Philadelphia area. There are a couple of Steelers fans reading this who should feel pretty proud, no matter what happens on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

I heard Rock Bleier talk about Rooney on "Mike and Mike." Apparently Rooney treats people with a great deal of dignity. Bleier noted that during a strike by city workers one winter Art Rooney was the only person whose walkways were plowed because he had always treated sanitation workers and the like so well. Also he doesn't allow scantly dressed cheerleaders. Go Steelers!

Spouse of Grimsaburger.