Wednesday, January 28, 2009

majority support for Obama stimulus package

So the polls say. Worth keeping in mind through all the inevitable "The American people believe in X" pronouncements we're bound to hear from opponents of the stimulus package. One of the most common forms of ideological blindness (or perhaps intellectual cowardice, if it's done consciously) is conflating one's personal views with the views of the majority. There's nothing wrong with being agin' what most people are fer, but politicians shouldn't kid themselves (or us) about the views of "most Americans." "Most Americans" are not center-right, not rural country folk living in The Andy Griffith Show, and are not against massive government spending to help the economy.

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TioChuy said...

This isn't Mayberry? Why can't I get a six pack at the corner store. I'm fer anyman who loves this here country, but I'm agin' any kind of stimulatin', it aint right.