Friday, September 26, 2008

the rollercoaster never ends

McCain's coming off a terrible week where his weakest issue became priority no. 1 for the press (the economy), his running mate got humiliated at the hands of Katie Couric, his desperate political stunt failed miserably and is being lambasted by the media, and Barack Obama has retaken and doubled his lead in a week. Furthermore, he now has to face a well-prepared Obama at a debate that, by all accounts, McCain didn't spend any time preparing for. The stage is set for McCain to underperform and for Obama to hamstring him and finally start pulling away in the polls.

Which is why I have every confidence that McCain will do fine, the media will call it a win for him, and the polls will tighten yet again, dragging on this damn race. I'm going to have ulcers by the time we decide this thing.

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