Monday, September 29, 2008

debate consensus: Obama won

The initial polls show Obama looking more likable, in touch, and presidential in the first debate. This one was supposed to be John McCain's best one. James Fallows highlights a difference in strategy between the two candidates that gave Obama the upper hand, specifically that Obama actually had one while McCain's only focusing on the short term.

Of course, it doesn't help when you can't even maintain composure enough to refrain from saying "horseshit" in the middle of a nationally televised debate:

Perhaps not coincidentally, this weekend Barack broke 50% in three of the big five national polls (including Gallup) for the first time.

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Dickerson said...

Obama won, hands-down, and McCain did not look as presidential as he has at other points, but I think the "horseshit" gaffe is a red herring. It really sounds to me as if he's saying "course not...course not." Even as unhinged as he's been, I highly doubt he would curse into a live mic during nationally-televised debate.