Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kentucky and Oregon at the bat

Won't make exact predictions because I'm not really even paying attention to the numbers anymore. Hillary will complete her Appalachian sweep. Barack will win white voters in Oregon and lose them in Kentucky, so expect more people to ask why Obama can't win white voters. Barack will also secure the majority of pledged delegates tonight, and it looks like the press are going to give that fact some airtime. I suspect there will be somewhat significant movement in Obama's favor among the superdels, as many will simply run out of excuses to stay on the fence.

Expect Hillary to crack 60% in Grims' Olde Kentucky Home, and Barack to score near that in Oregon.

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Anonymous said...

Go Kentucky, where 17% of Democratic primary voters chose Hillary because she's the white one.

I think it's interesting that the closest counties outside of Louisville and Lexington (the only two to go to Obama) were Christian (56-37) and Hardin (58-35), the home of Fort Campbell and Fort Knox, respectively.
The only other sub-60 percentages are in the Lou and Lex metro areas, as far as I can tell in a quick once-over.