Friday, May 02, 2008

but remember, the black guy from Chicago is the elitist

Apparently Clinton felt that the rich don't get enough pandering in this country, so she made her O'Reilly appearance a chance to assure them that she's their candidate.

I am glad she reminded everyone that it's Obama who's for raising the payroll tax cap and not her. Good to know that it's Obama and not Clinton who's for the only permanent solution to Social Security solvency that doesn't include raising the tax itself (which only counts the first $90k of your income, disproportionately affecting the poor and middle class) or cutting the already criminally low benefit checks. I guess that means that, if you're poor/middle class, your income is subject to the payroll tax, and you will be needing Social Security to live on when you retire, Obama's your candidate. If, however, you're rich, your income comes from pay over $90k/year, capital gains and/or an estate, and you won't even notice your Social Security checks 20 years after you retire in your 40's, then Clinton is a perfect fit for you.

Glad she cleared that up.

People are going to jump all over the "rich people-- God bless us" line of hers as it's an easy soundbyte to latch onto and it's a lovely compliment to the $109 million tax form thing, but I wish I knew what she was trying to say with that line. She was in the middle of qualifying it when O'Reilly cut her off (mirabile dictu!), and I just wonder what would have possessed her to say that.

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