Wednesday, February 13, 2008

tell me, have you been experienced?

Clinton campaign people would be wise to listen to Rachel Maddow, who suggests that Clinton could win points by going after McCain, instead of Pat Buchanan, who thinks she should attack Obama.

I'm not suggesting that criticism of Obama is off limits, just that if Clinton wants to prove she can kick conservative ass, she should start doing it.

Clinton's reputation as a bare-knuckled, hard-nosed electoral Amazon is largely just light refracted off of Bill's sheen. Hillary has only been a candidate in 2 elections (both in a heavily Democratic state):

In the first one, she was locked in a dogfight with Rudy 9u11iani, whose mad electoral skillz we all have since been privileged to witness and who didn't even have 9/11 to run on at the time, until prostate cancer knocked him out of the race in May 2000. By the time Rick Lazio was drafted in to finish the race, it was already out of reach.

In her re-election, she put to the knife a sacrificial lamb named John Spencer, a former mayor of Yonkers who was unsupported financially by the national Republican apparatus, whose primary opponent made an independent bid for the seat in the general, who as mayor and despite being a Christian conservative husband with 2 kids had an affair with his chief of staff and tripled her salary, and who said on the radio during the GOP primary that his opponent, Jeanine Pirro, didn't have "a Chinaman's chance" of winning the conservative vote.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama actually have something in common: they're both waging the first real electoral battle they've ever fought right now.

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