Friday, October 19, 2007

Obama got blindsided by his own

So the Senate introduces a bill granting telcos immunity from lawsuits.

Dodd releases a statement condemning the bill.

Then the lefty blogs organize to lobby Chris Dodd to put a hold on the bill.

Then he does.

Then the lefty blogs crucify Obama for not beating Dodd to the punch?

Kudos to Dodd, but does Obama really deserve to take so much heat for this? Sure, Dodd put out a statement before he did, but wouldn't this be more fair if, I dunno, the lefty blogs had lobbied both Obama and Dodd?

And why is Edwards taking no flack for this? I know he can't put a hold on the bill, but to my knowledge he hasn't even released any statement condemning it. Neither has Clinton, and she is in a position to do something.

Furthermore, just 3 days ago Bush's nomination to the Federal Election Commission of Hans von Spakovsky, the mastermind behind the infamous purging of the Florida voter rolls in 2000 that literally cost Gore the election, was derailed by a hold in the Senate. What do you think would be our chances of ever having fair elections again if a guy like that gets his hands on the FEC? I'm thinking maybe that was a pretty important hold.

You probably can tell where I'm going with this. Who put that hold on him? Barack Obama. And yet Kos had the gall to say yesterday: "...for a guy who claims he's going to "challenge the status quo", Obama sure as heck has done none of that as of late." How quickly our deeds tumble down the memory hole.

Maybe us dirty bloggers should be happy that we at least have the 2-man team of Obama and Dodd keeping the Senate from handing W our entire democracy while Hillary Clinton sits by and wonders how tasty those powers will be in 2009.

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