Friday, October 12, 2007

Cowboys vs. Patriots

CBS, 4:15ET on Sunday is the game of the season (potentially). The old powerhouse vs. the new powerhouse? Tom Brady vs. the next Tom Brady? Once great, not-quite-washed-up receiver with an attitude problem vs.... uh...? Does Dallas have the D to get this done? Is it even possible to stop an offense with Tom Brady AND Randy Moss? What does it mean if the Patriots win, if anything? Who's it gonna be?

My pick is the Patriots, who I wanna hate but kinda like, over the Cowboys, who I really hate but actually love, and always root for in spite of myself. I wonder if this is what William Faulkner would feel like while watching Ken Burns' Civil War documentary.

In other news, big chance on Saturday for the Red Raiders against A&M, coming to Lubbock, as always, with a suspect pass D (the Aggies haven't won there in 15 years), which, coincidentally, is sorta like playing Boston College with a weak secondary, or for that matter a herd of inexperienced running backs. I say a "herd" because they might be large beasts that run fast, but when they get spooked they just close their eyes and bolt; they don't really know where they're going.

The winner of the game in Lubbock, in all likelihood, will be ranked next week. The winner of the game in South Bend, on the other hand, will still be #4.

UPDATE: Aggies got their heads kicked in, 35-7. Delicious.

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