Thursday, July 12, 2007

WTF Reuters?!

Here's the title of the latest Reuters article, from Andrea Hopkins:
Americans tired of Iraq war, split on withdrawal

And here's the opening text:
Americans are tired of the Iraq war and doubt victory will ever come, but remained split over President George W. Bush's vow on Thursday to stay the course in Iraq despite a report showing limited progress.
A USA Today/Gallup poll this week showed more than seven in 10 Americans favor withdrawing nearly all U.S. troops by April, and several surveys show the approval ratings for Bush, a Republican, are at the lows of his presidency.[emphasis mine]

On what planet is agreement between more than seven in 10 people "split?" And this doesn't show that people are "tired" or "doubting victory will ever come" (though they are), this number shows that people want us to leave, or "withdraw."

It also pointedly undercuts the second part of the article, beginning with:
Americans were divided over the president's stand.

The proof of this fatuous claim? They found two people, yes 2 people, who disagreed with each other. Every poll on the planet shows that Americans are not at all "split" or "divided" about the president's "stand" in Iraq, including the one she cited at the top of the frakin' article, but hey, Reuters found 2 schmoes from Ohio who have different opinions, so it's all relative, right?

Nice work, guys.

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