Wednesday, July 11, 2007

our liberal media

For anyone with lingering beliefs that this media is liberal (that means you, Camille Paglia), here's the good people of MSNBC, not FOX, not the Wall Street Journal, and at least one of whom actually reports for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, looking heartbroken over the collapse of their guy's campaign. And it ain't John Edwards:

Of course, he's been the media's favorite at least since 2000, when he referred to them as "my base." Tucker Carlson, typically liberal news show host, explained it well (h/t Atrios):
McCain ran an entire presidential campaign aimed primarily at journalists. He understood that the first contest in a presidential race is always the media primary. He campaigned hard to win it. To a greater degree than any candidate in thirty years, McCain offered reporters the three things they want most: total access all the time, an endless stream of amusing quotes, and vast quantities of free booze.
I saw reporters call McCain "John," sometimes even to his face and in public. I heard otherse, usually at night in the hotel bar, slip into the habit of referring to the Mccain campaign as "we"- as in, "I hope we kill Bush." It was wrong, but it was hard to resist.

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