Friday, July 06, 2007

FOX news vs. Mr. Rogers

I don't really know what to say. From ThinkProgress:
This morning, Fox and Friends asked, “Why is it at the end of every term, these kids who on the bubble…they come in and beg for extra credit so they can get an A?” Citing a report by a university professor, Fox speculated one possible answer: “Blame Mr. Rogers! Because Mr. Rogers had an optimistic message where everyone was special even if they didn’t deserve it.” During the segment, one chyron read: “Mr. Rogers’ Mixed Message: ‘You’re Special.’” Another chyron asked: “Is Mr. Rogers Ruining Kids?: Sense of Entitlement.”

Who are these monsters? And by the way, if by "special" one could mean "unique," then yes, actually all children are special. It's a biological fact proven by our DNA. Furthermore, considering that any one of them has virtually unlimited creative potential and since we as a society give children preferential treatment and consider them particularly valuable, yes, children are special. Why are we even having this conversation? Has the conservative movement truly gone this far down the rabbit hole?

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Anthony said...

If I were going to choose only one blog related to politics for the current installment of Surfer's Paradise. I'm sure this would be it.

I'm quite pleased to provide you with that link. It's amazing in a way how you can provide commentary in a very straight forward way. And at the same time add just the right touch of humor. My compliments!

Should you have an opportunity to visit The Lives and Times... I'll be interested to see what you think.

One last thing, it would be great to credit CCR for the lyric at the top of the page. You picked great ones for the top and bottom of the site.

May this link serve you well.