Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kerry drops the bomb on McCain

It was true? From MyDD:
On Monday afternoon I had the chance to speak with Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Democratic Party's nominee for President in 2004. During the interview, which covers a range of topics and which I will be posting later this afternoon, an item of particular interest jumped out at me: According to Sen. Kerry, it was John McCain's staff who approached his campaign about potentially filling the Vice President slot on the Democratic ticket in 2004. Take a listen to and a look at the interchange...

There's a radio clip on the link, and I also suggest you give it a listen. It's only about 1 minute. If this is true, and if the media runs with it, I don't see any circumstances allowing for McCain's candidacy to survive this. Singer is right: not only does this play even more to the McCain-as-not-really-Republican line of attack in a huge way, but to rank-and-file Republicans, this is treason. He wanted to run with John Kerry? Against a Republican president???

Had he not later used the rumors of this meeting to backslap Kerry and paraded around every late night talk show to make Kerry seem silly, this might have given me more respect for McCain. As it is, he squandered a chance to unite this country and used it to help the man who he apparently knows all too well has no business in the Oval Office.

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