Sunday, April 30, 2006

today I become a Titans fan

Well, folks, there it is. For the second time this year, Vince Young has made a fool of all the talking heads in sports and outdone the much-vaunted Matt Leinart:
With the third pick, the Titans had three outstanding quarterbacks to choose from. Matt Leinart had worked under Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow at Southern California, and Jay Cutler of Vanderbilt was the sentimental pick locally. They later picked up USC running back LenDale White in the second round.

Reese said Young's upside was the deciding factor.

"People want to make him out to be a Michael Vick. He's not that. He's different," Reese said.

"This guy, he led the nation in college as a junior in passing efficiency. This guy is special. Now we have to get him special in the NFL, and that's why it's going to take a little bit of time. And we realize that. It's a big jump."

I particularly like the fact that, in a way, Young is the hometown hero-- after all, not so long ago the Titans were known as the Houston Oilers.

Again we see how useless and myopic the vast majority of professional sportscasters are. I didn't read a single one who put Young higher than no.7 (several had him going to Oakland... yuck!) and they were pretty much all in agreement that Leinart would be in the top 3. Some of the same ones are now snickering at the Texans for passing on Leinart and Bush (despite the fact that QB and RB are pretty much the only positions they don't need) so that they could pick up a DE and, ya know, maybe try to fix the worst defense in the NFL.

One moron (whose mock draft article is, predictably, already taken down from Yahoo! sports-- you should've seen the reshuffling on their sports page after the Rose Bowl!) actually said that the Titans would never take Young because-- get this-- their offense would have to be totally redesigned. 'Cuz, ya know, if there was any quarterback in the NFL one could compare Vince Young to, it certainly wouldn't be Steve McNair .

There's a reason these guys aren't coaches or scouts, and it ain't because the money's better in professional wankery.


matt crosier said...

ahem... oakland? what is wrong with oakland? Geeze. Damn midwesterners... ok, what is wrong with them other than the Athletics. Knocking on my turf and shit...

grimsaburger said...

Welcome to the fold, brother.