Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Congressman Hostettler: fascist prick

From the Indianapolis Star:
The Indiana Republican who heads a House immigration panel criticized the Bush administration Tuesday for not cracking down on illegal immigrants at Monday's immigration rallies.

"It was stunning to realize that so many lawbreakers concentrated in one area were given a free pass by federal law enforcement," said Rep. John Hostettler, chairman of the immigration and border security panel on the House Judiciary Committee. "The administration demonstrated once again that it would continue not to take seriously its constitutional obligation to 'take care that the laws be faithfully executed' when it comes to the enforcement of our immigration laws.

Millions of Latinos and immigrants demonstrate peacefully against a wicked, unjust bill that would separate families and cripple the economy, and Hostettler is ticked because the feds didn't go into the protests and deport everyone without papers.

How incredibly American that would've looked!

Hey residents of IN-08: had enough of this jackass' antics? There's a solution to your problem: his name is Brad Ellsworth.

And by the way, a graf for all you other resident Hoosiers:
Spokesmen for Reps. Dan Burton, Mike Pence, Chris Chocola and Mike Sodrel said they continue to support the House approach.

That would be the "House approach" that makes being a illegal immigrant, or providing any aid whatsoever to an illegal immigrant, a felony. Not a misdemeanor, a felony. As in prison time, revoking your right to vote felony.

Support Joe Donnelly, kick the bums out.

Atrios is right: thank God the Republicans are so mind-bogglingly foolish as to alienate a group that is the largest and fastest growing minority in the country, as well as one that has been trending red for some time.


matt crosier said...

Just a quick question there Big D. In Meet the Press this past weekend there was some Congressman from Arizona who was claiming that the Hispanic voting population, in both his district and in the state at large, supported the house bill. Any chance you know where he got this data other than pulling it out of his ass?

El Ranchero said...

My guess would be the ass part, cuz I've seen nothing of the sort. Otherwise, he may have taken some poll where Hispanics said yes to "Do you support controls on illegal immigration?" and ran from there.