Tuesday, April 25, 2006

passing the savings on...to the oil companies

From AP:
Crude oil and gasoline futures fell Tuesday after President Bush gave the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to relax regional clean-fuel standards to attract more imports of gasoline to the United States and to make it easier for supplies to be moved from one state to another.

I'm sorry, are we supposed to be buying the argument that gas prices are high because petroleum companies spend so much on environmental safeguards? Seriously, in the era of the "Clear Skies Initiative" and record profits for oil companies, we're supposed to believe that consumers are getting screwed because ExxonMobil is hard up for cash?

Maybe they could reallocate some of Exxon CEO Lee Raymond's $49 million annual compensation.

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grimsaburger said...

Dude. I literally did a spit-take yesterday or the day before when I heard some crazy congresswoman talking about environmental lobbyists like they were kidnapping babies and duct-taping them to chairs. I think it was on Neil Conan or something, but she took every opportunity she had to reiterate just where she thought the problem lay. I mean, seriously, at this point I thought we were all in agreement about air- and water-quality problems. How many times do Lake Erie and the East River have to burn before it becomes part of one's common knowledge about cause-and-effect of heavy industry? I really ought to keep the radio off and get back to work.