Friday, February 19, 2010

she won't have to worry about being called "pc"

I don't get offended by right wing shock talk much anymore. I get that 50% of it is just not "getting" something and 50% is just trying to get people to rile people up.

Sometimes, however, a slogan or image breaks through.

I actually feel pity for the girl more than anything. I'm one of those people that carries their embarrassing moments with them their entire life. I said some hateful stuff in my ignorant youth, and I still feel a twinge of humiliation anytime I'm reminded of those words, no matter if I said them all the way back in junior high. Generally speaking, though, I can at least take solace in the fact that I'm the only one who remembers them and they were never written down or videotaped.

I also think that the younger you are, the more likely you are to meet a gay person that you come to respect, or on the other hand have a good friend or beloved family member come out. Thus bigots become allies. This picture, however, is probably never going away; in fact, I'd wager that she's already identified herself with it already, on Facebook or some blog somewhere.

One day this woman is going to feel shame over this picture, and will have to live with the fact that it is forever linked to her name anytime anyone googles her.

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Anonymous said...

And besides, it's just factually incorrect. I'm pretty sure, at least, that one of my friends from high school who got married last year to his longtime boyfriend hasn't been a figment of my imagination for fifteen-ish years.