Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union

What will the southern Republicans do this year, I wonder? Let's take a poll and see what y'all think:

a) show up in white robes and hoods
b) wear neckties tied in nooses
c) drop trough in the middle of the speech and defecate on the Capitol floor
d) put on fake Hitler moustaches after Obama mentions HCR
e) spit in Obama's face as he walks down the aisle and shout "you stay away from our white women!"
f) give Obama a Nazi-style extended arm salute
g) refer to the president as "Comrade Barry Hussein" all night
h) intentionally find ways to use the term "niggardly" and chuckling each time
i) wear t-shirts that say "they call it the WHITE house for a reason!"

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