Monday, January 04, 2010

the sad truth about the "values" of college sports

The vast majority of fans will gladly call out and denigrate on national TV a 19 year old kid to protect the coach, even one accused of punishing said kid for having the temerity to be concussed.

Normally the players rally around endangered and fired coaches, as happened with Charlie Weis despite his incredibly gruff personality and disappointing performance. Our best players even tried to extort the AD into bringing Weis back by making their return for the senior year contingent on Weis' (and made good on that threat when he was fired). Yet no current players have come to Leach's defense even after producing so many winning seasons and bowl games and masterminding the most impressive run in Tech football history, even taking the Red Raiders to their first ever #2 national ranking briefly last season. They have instead rallied around the injured player, Adam James, which should be a red flag to all of us outside the bubble about who was probably in the wrong here.

Apparently not, though: as of this morning, the Team Leach contingent on Facebook has 41,000 members. The "I support all Tech players including Adam James" group has 118. The group explicitly calling James a douchenozzle and advocating buying him a pretty dress has 123.

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