Monday, July 13, 2009

they pay for stuff you like

People here, like anywhere, are a little stupid about taxes. People loved it when the state government eliminated the business inventory tax, even though they provided no alternative income source. Thus, property taxes soared, and people threw a fit. The governor capped property tax rates, but again provided no alternative, so now South Bend is in deep financial trouble. The mayor wants to raise the local income tax by .95% to fix the budget.

The mayor has also released his alternative budget recommendations should this hike fail to pass. Included:

-50 to 75 percent reduction in snow plowing and leaf cleanup.

-Closing Howard Park Ice Rink, Potawatomi Pool, Kennedy Water Playground, East Race Waterway, the greenhouses and observatories at Potawatomi Park, and the Newman Recreation Center.

That doesn't include the recommendation of laying off 19 police officers in the middle of a spike in the crime rate.

Nevertheless, the Mishawaka Council won't even consider the request. And this winter, they will raise a stink with everyone else when their lily-white streets don't get plowed as quickly as they used to, and likely blame the mayor for service cuts. Wankers.

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