Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Emmys: now with more shit!

I'm looking at these nominees with varying levels of outrage, which is a pretty fun way to spend the morning. The first fun thing to notice is that Yahoo! users are f**king troglodytes. Mariska Hargitay for best lead female in a drama series? From Law and Order? Outstanding writing in a comedy series for Saturday Night Live? Have you watched SNL these last, I dunno, 20 years?

I don't understand the Emmys' hard-on for Mad Men. I just don't get it. It's a good show, don't get me wrong, but does it deserve to outshine Dexter, In Treatment, and Big Love every single year? Frankly, the idea of Jon Hamm winning a best actor award over both Gabriel Byrne AND Michael C. Hall makes my head spin. Hamm is good in Mad Men, sure, but uh, have you seen Byrne and Wiest sparring on Fridays? They are masters of their craft. They have it harder, too; the format of In Treatment gives the actors no respite, nowhere to hide when the camera is on, and their characters have precious little in the way of back story to draw upon.

For that matter, as good as 30 Rock is, and it's really good, isn't the degree of accolade from the Emmys a little over the top? I mean, should it really be getting more nominations than everybody else, in any genre? Should its mojo be so strong that Tina Fey gets her nomination just for appearing on SNL?

Oh yeah, and of course, what was almost certainly the greatest sci-fi show EVER ran its last season this year, and garnered a grand total of one nomination. What the Emmys has against gritty dramas with largely unknown ensemble casts like The Wire and Battlestar Galactica I will never know.


grimsaburger said...

Law and Order: the TGIFriday's of television. Comfortable, predictable, with enough window-dressing and faux-funky marketing to make you believe you're getting something quality, and completely devoid of risk.

TioChuy said...

Law and Order: How in the hell that has lasted beyond MASH is beyond me. Are Emmy's only for shows on free TV? I don't get the SNL vote at all. I guess the political stuff but if that's what its for then the award should be given to Sarah Palin because they didn't really have to write anything.