Monday, November 03, 2008

Texas at Texas Tech: holy Mother of God

Uh, I think we won. Did anybody watch the end of that one?

If you look at the polls right now, you may notice that the Red Raiders are... I can't believe I'm saying this... number two. I just heard one of the sports talking heads refer to Texas Tech as "a genuine championship contender."

Wow. The PAC-10 is so stealing our coach next year.


TioChuy said...

Standing in line for the game; 3 hours

coke and a pretzel; $8

watching smiles fall off the faces of diaper crap orange faces: PRICELESS

Rene said...

I still can't figure out WTF they were doing THROWING the ball from the 20 yard line with 8 seconds left. If Crabtree catches and gets tackled in-bounds then Leech has a lot o splainin to do.

Also, whoever the Texas guy was that dropped the game winning interception probably still hasn't slept.

TioChuy said...

yeah he made that call with a LOT of protest from the stands. Guess that's why we aren't the coach. I think it mostly had to do with the current kicking situation. Nonetheless that last play happened right in front of me ( I was in the grass, for those that know where that is.) and it was AWESOME.