Tuesday, November 04, 2008

election predictions

My best guess, pulled fresh from my tookis:
* 57 Democratic Senate seats (not including Lieberman and Sanders)
* 41 Republican Senate seats
* 252 Democratic House seats
* 183 Republican House seats
* 338 Obama Electoral Votes
* 200 McCain Electoral Votes
* 52.5 Obama Popular Vote Percentage
* 46.3 McCain Popular Vote Percentage
Your guesses?


Dickerson said...

I haven't thought about the House much (though I'll be watching Murtha's and Bachmann's seats).

Your Senate numbers look dead on to me, as do your popular vote tallies.

My EV prediction is Obama - 365, McCain - 173.

Probably highballing it, but I'd love to be wrong...by just a little.

TioChuy said...

The spread is Obama -6 1/2, I think he'll make score a bunch in the fourth quarter so I'll take the points.

Dickerson said...

If NE-2 is finalized for Obama, I nailed it.

What do I win? Are there "Ranch" t-shirts or anything?

el ranchero said...

If I had one, it would probably look like this.