Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've been listening to this King Wilkie album off and on since Christmas, and I've really fallen for the song "Savannah" (there's a player at the bottom of the page). I'd never noticed these lyrics before:
When the levee broke, nobody was around
But you stood by watching when I fell to the ground
There's no mud on my hands 'cause I do what I'm told
I wanna live a lot longer, now I'm feeling so old

I'm going down to Savannah
gettin' back what once was mine
goin' down to Savannah
will you have mercy on me this time?

I know that this is probably a reference to any number of Atlantic coast hurricanes, but post-Katrina these lyrics seem a lot more chilling. Then again, the album was recorded in 2006, so maybe that's intentional.

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