Monday, August 04, 2008

some people have no integrity

Many of you may have heard here and there among your more gullible friends and family (typically those who pass up newspapers, preferring instead to get their news from chain emails) the suspicion that Barack Obama is the Antichrist. A buddy of mine has actually heard it from 2 or 3 independent sources, all claiming that a description matching Obama is right there in "Revelations" (oy):

Wanker: "Seriously, it says that he'll be a charismatic man who comes from the East."

Buddy: "East, eh? You mean like Hawai'i?"

Wanker: "No, you know, the Middle East, where his family comes from."

Buddy: "Middle East? You mean Kenya? Or are you talking about his mother's family from Kansas?"

Wanker: [getting increasingly exasperated] "C'mon, you know what I mean... his spiritual homeland, where his religion comes from..."

Buddy: [smirking, clearly unimpressed] "Massachusetts?"

Anyway, so despite it's painfully glaring logical flaws, the Dumbest Rumor Ever Forwarded continues to gain traction, such that the McCain campaign sees fit to respond to it in some way. A candidate with integrity would at least want to have no part of a rumor this vile, especially a candidate who's been sunk in the past by a vile and scurrilous rumor.

And then there's John McCain, happy to defecate on the national debate table if it scores points. Are any of you readers old enough to remember a Republican campaign that didn't rely on crass innuendo as its primary rhetorical tool?

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