Monday, March 26, 2007

an eye-opening quip from Chris Matthews

Getting actual information and informed commentary from today's national press is a funny thing. Guys like Chris Matthews have been in "the biz" for aeons and you know they have the ability to provide us with the kind of necessary institutional memory that allows us to, say, monitor the ideological drifts of major newspapers. Despite that, however, it must be some huge faux pas in Washington for media types to admit that any journalistic publication is even capable of ever beginning to skew rightward (though hyperconservative wackos can allege liberal bias sans evidence all day long without ever getting called on it), or otherwise they're all so awash in ideological blindness that it's become all but impossible to identify rightwing bias when they see it, so it's a bit mind-blowing to hear Matthews come right out and, as a side comment, say this:

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