Thursday, March 01, 2007

have you heard about Deamonte?

It's a funny phenomenon: You take an obvious moral imperative and bring it out into the open, and people get so easily sidetracked into discussions of money, and options, and then it veers off into weird ideological quasi-realities where the central issue is personal responsibility and parental duties and who's to blame and class warfare and socialism and capitalism and "the market"... and then a story like this comes around and snaps the whole issue back to a moment of utter, cold, crystalline, clarity.

This is madness, and it must stop.


Barmecide said...

Same thing that killed Michael Davitt. . .

More than a century ago.

Awful, awful story.

grimsaburger said...

These are things I don't hear about since my intertube exposure is limited to a half hour a day. Jesus.
By the way, I think the health care conversation was one of the first me and my Canuck roommate had...where I've accepted it as a natural outgrowth of our history with public health, her mind is boggled that we haven't gotten there yet. The outrage is refreshing to say the least.

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