Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lieberman sent packing?

Maude Lebowski: "You can imagine where it goes from here..."
The Dude: "He fixes the cable?"
Maude Lebowski: "Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey." --The Big Lebowski

Any of you interested in a great horse race should read up on the primary battle for CN-Senate between Joe Lieberman and Ned Lamont. It's a great story: an old, crotchety fogey whose political vision dimmed long ago, challenged by a fresh, baby-faced starry-eyed idealist. Or David and Goliath. Or something like that.

But it also has the gambling addict Republican with no chance of winning, whose own supporters are routing for Lieberman while he just slackjawedly watches the race.

And it has crazy big news to report today: Lamont has taken the lead. Lieberman still wins in a 3-way with the Republican and Lamont (from now on, we will refer to Lieberman as "Lucky Pierre"), but unless Lamont's surge (11 points in a month, and constantly rising since he entered) suddenly comes to a grinding halt right now, Lamont is now slated to win the Democratic primary.

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