Friday, July 28, 2006

I say Hezbollah, you say Hizbullah; I say Al Qaeda, you say...Hamas?

Josh Marshall points to this article by Michael Hirsh on why the President's policies in the War on Terrorism have proven so disastrous, i.e., that he often conflates the various terrorist organizations in the Middle East (who tend to have widely varying goals and abilities), as if they're all just newer sproutings from the same old Soviet monolith.

Remember that presidential candidate back in 2000 who was so ignorant of world affairs and so pitifully unqualified to head America's foreign policy that, when asked about various world leaders in an interview, he couldn't produce the names of even some of our staunchest allies?

Yeah, this is why we shouldn't have elected him.


Kingfish said...

I enjoyed the read. I like your stuff.

Anonymous said...

Why don't the Americans that still support the Bush Administration see it for what it really is!

The lies and actions are harming this country for a long time to come! I encourage everyone to watch the FSTV network which shows and tells things that the major networks don't and should.