Monday, June 05, 2006

another one from the "fair and balanced" files

Media Matters is pretty good at catching journalists and pundits when they screw up, though a lot of times it's fairly small or unsurprising points. Where Brock and the boys really thrive is in quickly building up a mountain of fairly small and unsurprising points, or in tracing the projection of a lie across the media landscape. Every once in a while, however, some idiot (usually from Fox News) drops their guard for a second too long, says something grossly dishonest or tries to change the story from one day to the next, and gets pwn3d by MMFA.

Which brings us to Fox News' Neil Cavuto, host of Your (Bizzaro) World. This has gotta hurt, folks. Cavuto does a segment on his show 4 days ago accusing the media of being "biased" because they've been spending sooooo much time on the Haditha massacre (ya know, the one it took the mainstream press a week to take seriously after it first broke) instead of covering Marines getting blown to bits by insurgents. The captions on the screen comprise various permutations of the word "bias," like "blatant bias" and "biased coverage."

Some of you may already see this coming.

The day before on Neil's show, however, he does a segment talking about... have you guessed it?... how the media focuses too much on Marines getting blown to bits. And the caption under that story?:

Indeed, sir.

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