Tuesday, June 20, 2006

2 kidnapped US soldiers tortured

From Reuters:
Two U.S. soldiers missing in Iraq for three days have been found dead, their bodies showing signs of "barbaric" torture, an Iraqi general said on Tuesday, after an intensive hunt involving thousands of troops.
Iraqi Defense Ministry official Major General Abdul Aziz Mohammed told Reuters earlier that the bodies showed signs of "barbaric torture." He did not elaborate.

Now, I may need someone to remind me, but why exactly was it again that so many people threw such a fit about us torturing Iraqis, and about our Attorney General referring to the Geneva Convention as "quaint"? I just can't quite remember, something having to do with reciprocation or returning favors or protecting American soldiers from equal something...

This is on you, Abu Gonzalez, and everyone who helped install you.

This is on you.

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