Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Strayhorn opens up Texas gubernatorial race

News out yesterday says that State Comptroller Carol Keeton Foghorn-Leghorn has decided to run for the governorship... as an independent. It must be noted that, as of yet, she is not on the ballot, as independents in Texas cannot begin collecting the requisite 46,000 signatures to get on until after both party primaries. The chances of her getting on, however, is pretty good.

This is potentially huge news for the election. Perry is suddenly stuck with a serious problem: he can no longer count on disillusioned Republicans to vote for him in the election if he wins the primary, as they now have a solidly conservative alternative. This is also huge news, I think, for Kinky Friedman. The man who would've been merely a Democratic spoiler in a 3-person race has a much bigger shot at taking it all in a 4-person one.

I still have yet to be convinced that the Kinkster is worth considering as a serious candidate (he doesn't seem to have a plan for anything other than appointing Willie Nelson as head of the Texas Rangers, and his decision to take on Tom Delay's attorney as his campaign advisor gives me further pause), and Governor Goodhair is, of course, as useless as a 1-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. Strayhorn, meanwhile, fully embodies the bigotry and intolerance we've all come to expect from the Texas Republican party by revoking the Unitarian-Universalist Church's tax-exempt status, claiming that it's not really a religious institution because it "does not have one system of belief."

What's your take on this whole poopstorm?

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TioChuy said...

I believe its Carole Keeton Strayhorn Rylander now. Not that it matters I just see checks with her name on them all the time. (Workin' for the state) Anyway, in all honesty I could care less who is governor here. Texas' Gov. can only really be "successful," and by that I mean get any of his/her agenda accomplished, with full cooperation of the rest of the Austin politico's. He/she doesn't have much power at all except to be able to call special sessions, which again without support get you nowhere. (As we have seen with education) Until some of the representatives are a little evened out the governor won't be able to do much, and this is Texas so it will take a miracle. GO KINKY!