Sunday, January 22, 2006

my bad Joe

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the site lately, things have been hectic with me trying to get on my feet at work. There's a lot to talk about, though, and I wanna get onto that ASAP. If I'm thinking right, then the first matters on deck are Alito and whether judges' views in important in confirmation hearings, Abramoff and the "Zombie Lie," and the Washington Post's recent woes, including what I call "Metonymy Gone Bad."

In the meantime, a question: have any of you seen Brokeback Mountain? How was it? I'm hoping to see it in the next week or so, and I hear it's great, but ya never know.

Also, who are your picks for the Oscars?

1 comment:

Doke said...

whatever you do, don't go see the movie Hostel. I guess all the Porn at the beginning is kinda cool.. but the movie is a bit... um, gross