Friday, December 09, 2011

message to Obama: hire Ron Paul's ad guy

Seriously, this ad is fantastic. Political advertising has gotten pretty stagnant, and negative ads can be so rankling and formulaic: a black background, black and white unflattering photos of the other guy, that smarmy woman or that old dude doing the overacted voice-over: "Mitt Romney saayyyss..."

This could be a movie commercial. Well done.


Rene said...

From inside experience I can tell you that a D would never hire an R ad guy and an R ad guy would never work for a D candidate (career suicide)

with a few exceptions, the Washington ad crowd is as inside baseball and side-taking as the congress itself.

el ranchero said...

I remember Eliot Spitzer eschewed the usual suspects in favor of a commercial agency from Madison Ave. His ads were remarkable.

I think you can kind of tell that it's always the same people from the fact that the ads never really change. I didn't realize they were partisan, though. It's amazing to me that a political party would think it's a good idea to always go to the same people for a creative project like that.